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Is vacuum packaging right for you?

If you’re looking for a secure and safe way to vacuum pack your contents such as food to irreplaceable documents or photos, then look no further than our vacuum pouches and vacuum rolls.


The bags and rolls are constructed with food grade materials, with an internal polyethylene (PE) lining and an outer polyamide (PA) film that are BPA free and provide an excellent barrier to protect your contents from moisture, oxygen and odours.

Our vacuum pouches and vacuum rolls are a strong 90 Microns, compatible with a majority of vacuum sealers; if you’re in doubt, you may request a pouch sample via our website on the vacuum pouch product page.


As with stand up packaging, vacuum packaging is lightweight compared to jars, bottles and tins, reducing environmental impacts allowing them to be easily transportable whilst lowering carbon footprints resulting in lower shipment costs. Pouches store flat and rolls compact, which benefits customers with limited storage facilities or otherwise allows for greater production levels.


What is a vacuum pouch?

A vacuum pouch is your perfect solution to single use vacuum packaging for dry food or objects to create an airtight environment.  The bags are open ended where you apply your contents to the bottom and then heat seal closed.  They have strong side and top seals to ensure your products are stored securely within.  The top seal has convenient tear notches for easy opening.


What is a vacuum roll?

A vacuum roll is perfect if you’re looking for packaging that isn’t limited in length.  This roll is 6 metres long so you can choose whichever length bag you require for securely sealing your contents in an airtight environment, whether it be small in length or anything up to 6 metres.

Vacuum rolls do not have pre-cut tear notches due to the nature of the roll being packaging that you can custom to your own length bag.

As with vacuum bags, this roll also has strong side seals to ensure your products are stored securely within.

Simply heat seal, pack, cut, vacuum (if required), heat seal and repeat.


What’s in the range?

Our Vacuum bags are available with a clear embossed texture to one side and a completely smooth transparent film on the other.  They’re available in 7 sizes from 140x170mm (WxH) to 400x600mm (WxH).

Vacuum rolls are also available with a clear embossed texture to one side and a completely smooth transparent film on the other. We have two sized rolls 200mm x 6m (WxL) and 280mm x 6m (WxL).

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